Primitive Baptist Creeds of Faith should earnestly contend for the faith
which was once delivered unto the saints
- Jude 3

Primitive Baptists claim the scriptures as their sole rule of faith and practice, and therefore, are not bound to creeds of faith. However, churches and associations among Primitive Baptists have summarized their interpretation of scriptures in various Articles of Faith. These differ in wording but not in substance.

Primitive Baptists claim primary descent from certain Baptist churches in Wales and in the Midlands of England. The views of these Baptists are summarized in the 1655 Midland Confession of Faith. The Particular Baptists of London are also part of Primitive Baptist heritage. Their most important confessions of faith were the London Confessions of 1644 and 1689. The 1644 confession better represents Primitive Baptists views than the one of 1689.

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London Confession of 1689 - Plain text
Waldensian Confessions of Faith

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